About Michleen “Mikey” Wright

Mikey shares her passion for fitness through boot camp and high intensity tailored classes. She also co-teaches our Duke’s Superheroes program, for children ages 3-10.

Since I can remember, I have always been someone who does not like to be idle. I love being outside and active. 

I fell in love with the owner many years ago and then, I fell in love with Duke’s Fitness Center.  It took a while to get me in the gym, but once I did, it was a perfect fit for me.  The people are like family, who support you unconditionally and give positive encouragement. Since then, I have become a group fitness instructor. I love high intensity classes, which is reflected in my Monday Cardio Strength class. I also love strength training, which is what we focus on in my Lift It class on Friday mornings. I try my best to make each class unique, different and fun!