About Lindsay Thieken

A member of the Duke’s Fitness team since the beginning and an instructor since 1997, Lindsay has always been a fan of weight training and various cardiovascular programs. After much encouragement, Lindsay has been Spinning ever since. Over the years, customers have come and gone but some things stay the same: Duke’s cleanliness, friendly service, and welcoming environment.

Lindsay has a variety of hobbies and passions. She enjoys traveling, especially when they expose her to new bands and fresh music. Hiking ranks as one of her top favorite things to do: “Vermont is beautiful and my heart and legs are conditioned to climb any mountain to take in the view. The ultimate goal was to keep up with my three boys!”

She was born in the early months of 1960. While she’s always been marginally interested in fitness, the last twenty years mark an exponential increase in her interest in exercise thanks in part to her energetic family. “Right after my third son was born, I was able to get a free fitness club membership through my husband’s work. I chose Duke’s for the babysitting.”

Nine years of teaching have flown by for Lindsay. In the beginning, she was apprehensive, thinking that dedicating herself to an instructorship at Duke’s would “turn into work.” Not the case! “It fed the passion!” Spinning is that passion, allowing her to do something she thinks everyone needs to do. “You have to find your bliss,” she says.

Why does she love Duke’s? “Definitely the community and support we give one another. It’s not a competition at Duke’s. It’s like we have found something truly wonderful and we want to share it with others.”


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