About Kate Laddison

Kate is a lively instructor with creative flair and a soft spot for great community workouts.

“I’ve been instructing group fitness classes for more than 15 years, and while I enjoy working on being physically fit, the thing I love most about teaching is the sense of community and connection it gives me. When people work together on something difficult, when they come together regularly to work on bettering themselves, there’s a really special sense of optimism that is created. I love when the fitness room is full of that kind of pride, laughter, and camaraderie. 

I played sports in school, through college, and coached high school sports for a while. I’ve always believed that physical fitness is inextricably tied to emotional wellness and that being active is good for the whole person. The physical challenges we set for ourselves give us a chance to succeed and be proud of ourselves, even when other parts of our lives are difficult. Duke’s is like a family to me, I have met amazing people and made wonderful friends. It’s truly more than a gym. It’s a welcome, open, healthy state of mind.”


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