About Hilary Therrien

Born in 1987, Hilary is a dynamic, spirited instructor at Duke’s Fitness. She has a broad spectrum of hobbies, including running, reading, shopping, sudoku, cooking, and baking.

In the gym, however, it’s all about the cardio. Hilary teaches Lunch Break Tabata on Thursdays, Cardio Intervals on Fridays, and another cardio sport class on Sunday morning. After all that, she still has enough energy to run, play outside with her dog, hang out with friends, try new restaurants, and experiment with recipes. She discovered her intense love for fitness four years ago, and has been an instructor for two.

Why does she love Duke’s? “Dukes is an amazing place to be because of the atmosphere. Everyone is here to support each other and recognize accomplishments no matter how small they may seem. We push each other to constantly improve in a fun and safe environment. It has a family feel to it here.”




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