About Dan Marlow

“Fitness has always been an important part of my life. As a youngster I was overweight and I resented not being able to do certain activities. I saw teaching as an opportunity to provide a better experience for young kids.”

“For the past 37 years I have been a physical education teacher, coach and Athletic Director. Like many people in St. Albans, I was first introduced to the benefits of Spinning by Gene Depot. I used spinning as an alternative to running following a knee injury. Later I asked Gene to use the spinning classes as part of our pre-season soccer conditioning for the Varsity boy’s team at BFA. I soon found that the team building aspect of the class was as important as the physical conditioning part. I later became certified to teach the spinning class in order to maintain the early class which best fit my work schedule.”

“The present early morning spinning class is an opportunity for the class members to show just how badly they want to maintain an appropriate fitness level. The sacrifice needed to arrive early for class, coupled with the rhythm of the music and the energy of the participants creates a positive environment for everyone to influence each other. The music provides the landscape for this ride of energy on the road to a shared renewed level of fitness.”

A Vermont Spinning instructor since 2001, Dan Marlow understands that bodily injury doesn’t have to become an obstacle to getting a cardiovascular workout. Due to a knee injury, Dan took up Spinning for his cardio regiment in 1995 at Duke’s Fitness Center in St. Albans, VT. Spinning is enabling Dan Marlow to experience pain free cardio and “one of the best cardio workouts at that.”


Message Duke's Fitness Center

We are open as of June 1st. Please check the State of Vermont's site for The Most Current Guidelines and Info.

Due to limits on participants, ALL Classes and after hours Gym Use need to be scheduled through the Member Portal or by direct Call to the Gym at (802) 527-1581.

When entering the gym to workout, there are spray bottles at the door. Please grab one and also, grab a towel at the main desk. Wipe down anything that you come into contact with.

Face coverings are requested upon arrival and exit in the entryway. Face coverings are not required as long as 6 ft distance is maintained. We do not recommend face coverings during workouts.

Current Members should swipe in with their Barcode ID when entering and swipe out when leaving.

We want people to be safe and respectful of others as always. Your Health Matters.

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