About Candace Solomon

From spinning to figure skating, Candace does it all. Ever since high-school, Candace has been involved in track, gymnastics, and cross-country, switching to weight-lifting and spinning classes when she entered college. She has been teaching her Spinning class off-and-on for a year, as well as continuing her figure skating instructorship at the Collins Perley Sports Center of three years.

She has hobbies outside of the gym such as reading, cooking (“when I have the time”), watching movies, and listening to music. “My favorite activities outside of the gym are spending time with family and friends; reading; cooking Mexican meals; listening to tons of music; travel if possible and yes, even shopping.”

How important is exercise? “The benefits to working out and spinning are this: I have more energy and my body doesn’t have all the aches and pains of getting older (ha!). I feel stronger and I can keep up with my kids when they do their sports or other physical activities. I feel more alive and happier. Better mind, body and spirit.”

Candace had a lot to say about why she values her gym:

“Duke’s is small and never crowded. It has a family atmosphere; you see the same people and you get to know them. You get great trainers who know what they are doing and you don?t feel intimidated by others doing the same thing you are; everyone is always willing to help each other out. And, the free babysitting does help with members who have little kids and don’t have anyone to watch them at home while they go work out. I know it has helped me when I needed it. I don’t need to use that service anymore, but it was extremely helpful to have that service.”


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