“Tomorrow…I’ll choose better health tomorrow.” The time is now and we have your back.

We have the best of intentions. We all get in ruts now and then with our health. Whether it has been since you were a student or since you had kids. We need to take accountability and be on our side. We spend a lot of time putting the ones we love in front of us. It does feel great to do for others.

Make sure you aren’t putting yourself last in the process. Get up 30 minutes earlier. It doesn’t sound like the best idea, but give it a chance. Snooze is only hurting you and making you more fatigued. Spring up out of bed with appreciation and gratitude for the day.

Stop comparing yourself to how you used to be. Definitely stop comparing yourself to your ultra-marathon loving neighbor. We often paint the worst picture in our head of the lack of support we will have by making an effort to walk into the gym or ask for help from a trainer. Your perception is everything. We get to the next level with guidance support and love.

The love has to start with you. Create a vision of your long term goal for your health. See that vision when you wake in the morning and when you go to bed at night. Next be happy about it. It is not about stressing about the journey but to enjoy the journey.

Start your activities with being diverse and doing things you know you have interest in or even like. To find balance in our health it is important to train with cardio vascular health (walking, jogging, Spinning, swimming, tennis, basketball, soccer, biking etc.). Next make time for at least 2 days a week of strength training (fitness strength classes, weight training, body resistance training etc.). A personal trainer or online coaching plan is a great asset to give you guidance for safe form and progression. Flexibility is another important aspect to your health like stretching. Yoga often incorporates stability and balance work as well as strength with many isometric poses while improving your flexibility.

We have so many options to help with our health and support systems around us.

Nutrition is an important aspect of your health as well. Start with real food. Track your intake amounts as well as what you are eating. Pay attention to how your body reacts to a food. A food deemed as “healthy” by a nutritionist does not mean it is universally good for everyone. Hold off on the vitamins and supplements until you have a good handle on your real food intake. Often times we have a great start with the food or are completely nourished with the real food. Supplements can often times be a wast of money.

Environment is huge for your health. Get yourself in a place that has limited toxins in our environment. What are you cleaning with? What is the air like in your world. We often use pure and clean essential oils at Duke’s to clean the air boost immunity, and promote positive energy that can help in so many ways supporting a healthy environment as well as our personal systems. Social support is another important aspect of a healthy environment. Are you supported? Are you in a positive space? We can all be ourselves up in our head. We need to catch ourselves and turn in around in hour heads first and let people know if we need more support or positive actions in our groups.

It is your world and it is amazing once you take a hold of what you decide, take some action and process your day. Instead of letting a negative situation or feedback get in our way. Ask what can I learn from this, or how can I make this work for me.

We get better together. We at Health Matters online training and coaching and Duke’s Fitness Center have many ways to help you create your best systems and environment to create the best you. Ask yourself what can I do today. Move with a purpose, hydrate, eat real food, write your goals and the vision, share it with others, get some sleep. Choose your most limiting factor today and create a new action to the new you tomorrow.

Contact us today and we will be your best support in your journey.

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