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Create simple systems to improve your health and happiness in 7 days.

“I can’t sleep and am too tired to exercise every day.”

It seems like a vicious cycle.

You remember being healthier and feeling energetic. You remember having energy to do more. You remember feeling better, stronger, happier.

What has changed in your life?

Before you let the blame list get out of hand and make up excuses, take the blame out of the equation and realize that you can change it if you decide that you want to.

How can you make the changes and create new habits?

Start exercising tired and you will break through the wall. “Oh is that all!” I know, but make the decision you will be glad you did. This can be easy with the right approach.

Begin immediately..

First, choose a time today to block out 10 minutes and get clarity. Find a comfortable space, take moment to breathe deep with your eyes closed and see yourself being active and happy. Take some time to get a clear detailed vision of this process.

See your activity…

See where you are…

See who you are with…

What time works best?

What are you wearing?

How do you feel?

Paint your most ideal picture of it.

Finally, see yourself getting great sleep and waking up feeling great.!

Now focus on putting activity into your day today.

Decide when: What time of day works best for you? Do you have to get up earlier, put a break in your day, or stay up later? Maybe you need to get rid of some wasted time.

Decide Where: Do you want to go to the gym? Do you want to get outside? Do you want to do this at your home?

Decide how long: do you want to start with 10 minutes? Do you want to try 20, 30, 60 minutes? Experiment with what feels best for you.

After your activity get some clarity on if you want to different things on different days or simply start out with one activity. Some good starting options for variety are walking, jogging, push ups, squats, Spinning or biking, strength training, a fitness class or any activity that you know you enjoy.

The next step to this is tracking it in a journal or online.

You will be overcoming some adversity.

Break it down into a day with your vision of a fun activity, better sleep positive flow, gratitude, energy and strength for your day.

Before getting ready to sleep be sure to be away from any technology an hour before going to sleep. The blue light from tv, phones, tablets, computers are all bad for your system. There are many helpful sleep hacks you can try.

Get yourself comfortable with some deep breaths. Identify little things that help you relax. Sunrise or sunset, birds chirping, the smell of fresh cut grass, waves crashing on the beach, a thunderstorm. Bring your mind to happiness and success that you have had in your day, week and month. Also tell yourself that you are going to have a restful sleep and wake up at an appropriate time well rested, and full of energy to start your day.

Break it down into smaller chunks when things get overwhelming. No matter what, keep going. Find ways to hold yourself accountable. Choose wisely with a training partner, coach, mentor, or trainer.

These simple steps take effort and focus to start and become easier and easier as the days progress. Try this for 7 days and identify what is working well for your and what needs improvement by reviewing your journal. As we ask ourselves better questions and choose to focus on solutions we naturally progress and build greater success in our focus.

Let me know how this goes at the end of your week! Your health and happiness depends upon it. Contact me online  or in person with your health questions, because your health matters. Follow us on social media for more health and happiness tips!

Nate Yandow

Health Matters llc

Trainer and Personal Coach

Duke’s Fitness Center

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