Cancellation Agreement

We never like to see a member of the Duke’s family leave, but we understand that sometimes it happens. If you paid for a membership and are considering leaving, here’s what you’ll need to know:

  1. Member must give a written notice of cancellation 30 days prior to  cancellation date. A cancelling member will in no event be entitled to a refund or any portion of the membership fee.
  2. A cancelling member who rejoins Duke’s Fitness Center (DBA Health Matters, LLC) must repay the membership fee and monthly fee at its current cost. Cancellation is not effective until member returns all membership cards to Duke’s Fitness Center (DBA Health Matters, LLC). Montly rates may be adjusted at any time by Duke’s Fitness Center (DBA Health Matters, LLC).
  3. Any such adjustments in rates will be announced by Duke’s Fitness Center (DBA Health Matters, LLC) at least 60 days prior to its effective date.
  4. The facilities, equipment, scheduling, club hours, service, rules, regulations, and policies may change or be discontinued at any time without notice or liability to members. Member is not relying on oral representation (in entering this contract).
  5. Member agrees that all exercised shall be undertaken by member at his or her sole risk and the Duke’s Fitness Center (DBA Health Matters, LLC) shall not be liable for any claims, injuries, or causes of action, whatsoever, to members, person or property arising out of or connected with the use of its services, facilities, or premises. Member does hereby expressly forever release and discharge Duke’s Fitness Center (DBA Health Matters, LLC) from all such claims, injuries, or causes of action against Duke’s Fitness Center (DBA Health Matters, LLC) agents, employees, or staff.
  6. Consumer Rights of Cancellation: Member may cancel this contract without penalty or obligation within three (3) business days from the date signed below. Member may also cancel this contract if upon a doctor’s order member cannot physically receive the services or member may cancel the contract if the services cease to be offered as stated in this contract. If member cancels this contract for another reason, Duke’s Fitness Center (DBA Health Matters, LLC) will refund a prorated portion of membership dues if they are prepaid. Member most notify Duke’s Fitness Center (DBA Health Matters, LLC) in writing of his or her intention to cancel
  7. By signing this agreement, member acknowledges that he or she has also read, understands, and agrees to abide by the rules and regulations of Duke’s Fitness Center (DBA Health Matters, LLC). The contract is effective upon signing and can not be cancelled by member except as provided above. Duke’s Fitness Center (DBA Health Matters, LLC) reserves the right to cancel or suspend membership due to failure to comply with this contract.
Message Duke's Fitness Center

We are open as of June 1st. Please check the State of Vermont's site for The Most Current Guidelines and Info.

Due to limits on participants, ALL Classes and after hours Gym Use need to be scheduled through the Member Portal or by direct Call to the Gym at (802) 527-1581.

When entering the gym to workout, there are spray bottles at the door. Please grab one and also, grab a towel at the main desk. Wipe down anything that you come into contact with.

Face coverings are requested upon arrival and exit in the entryway. Face coverings are not required as long as 6 ft distance is maintained. We do not recommend face coverings during workouts.

Current Members should swipe in with their Barcode ID when entering and swipe out when leaving.

We want people to be safe and respectful of others as always. Your Health Matters.

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