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Own Your Health and Own Your Life
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How do we build our lives the way we want them?


Process Mentally

  • Create it in your mind.
  • Write it.
  • Talk about it.
  • Build your inner certainty.
  • Show it.
  • Believe it.

“If someone says something out loud, it’s ten times more powerful than if they think it…Negativity is a multiple of four to seven times more powerful than positivity. So think about that. If I say something out loud, it’s 10x. If it’s negative, it’s four to seven times more powerful. So when I say negative things out loud, it’s 40 to 70 times more likely that that will happen–or cause a result that won’t be good for me–than if I just didn’t say anything. ”

Trevor Moawad. ” Mindset Expert Shows You How to Control Your Negative Thoughts”


See It and Get Excited

  • Feel like it’s already there.
  • Feel it in your soul, connecting to your new story.
  • Add a powerful gesture with a power word (no, not that gesture and those words that you might have to be careful with)!
  • Choose positive and powerful.


Take Action

  • Model someone that specializes in what you want to accomplish.
  • Get a coach.
  • Results will build momentum, which builds inner certainty.
  • Do something with enthusiasm that you know will take you one step closer to your goal.



Tell a new story.


  • Commit to yourself.
  • Create layers of why.
  • Repeat your system daily.
  • Emotion is created with motion.
  • Faith: You are the one that needs to believe.

Hard Work

  • Get focused.
  • Schedule.
  • Train.
  • Prep food.
  • Write goals. Even if your goal is not around health, you need optimum health to achieve it, think more clearly, and connect with your soul.


Don’t let outside influences get in your way.

Long Term

  • Lifestyle.
  • Take Action Now!
  • Persistence and Repetition.
  • Practice and build progress. You don’t get in the game without hours of practice.
  • Thoughts influence actions and sometimes, we need to simply take action to improve our thoughts.
  • Build your confidence. Either get away from the people that laugh at your goals or be strong enough to use their doubt to fuel your flame.
  • Write a letter to yourself for what you are proud of.
  • Find the light in every situation.
  • Find the opportunity in the obstacle.
  • Find the chance in the rejection.
  • Tenacity creates opportunity and builds optimism and self confidence.
  • No one will believe in you until you do.


Focus on any progress you see…you will find something with the right focus.

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Nate Yandow is a certified trainer, nutritionist, and the owner of Duke's Fitness Center.
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