Our Beliefs Become Our Reality

Our Beliefs Become Our Reality.

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.”

~Mahatma Gandhi

We have the opportunity to see difficulties in different ways.

Problems and challenges promote self growth and make us better.

Overcoming difficulty is what builds our muscle and progress.

When we run and work towards our dreams and goals, we see them more vividly, in great detail.

We have to work on ourselves and our focus, in order to succeed.

We are the ones that determine the outcome.

Do you have a Fixed Mindset?

(You feel smart when you don’t make a mistake, do something fast, and it’s perfect. You can do or know something without effort and it naturally comes easy to you.)

Or, do you have a Growth Mindset?

(When it’s really hard and you work on it until you succeed and can do something you couldn’t do before. When you work on something a long time and start to figure it out.)

Growth Mindset is not about immediate perfection, but in achieving and learning something over time.

When you are challenged and fail at something, do you feel that you can’t do it because you are limited and can not improve?

Or, does it intrigue you? Does it make you think and take action on ways to improve, progress and achieve?

“Becoming is better than Being.”

~Carol S. Dweck – Mindset

A Fixed Mindset does not allow us to Become. We have to already Be.

Get rid of the excuses.

Identify what holds you back and find new practices to replace it.

Create new options that build progress and new talents, through healthy systems.

Start with Water Intake, Nutrition, Activity, Rest, and Mindset.

Water Intake:

Bring water with you and drink it throughout the day. Drink water when you wake up in the morning. Drink water before every meal and every snack.


Create healthy environments (home, car, office, break room), prep food, and remove unhealthy options. Schedule the healthy options you like, rationed out appropriately, with a focus on recovery and nourishment.


Create a variety of options that help you learn, challenge you, and offer diversity. Schedule workouts, classes, and social activities. Have a gym bag packed and ready to go. Get fresh air on breaks. Go for hikes, bike rides, play, and live!


Create a system to help you get ready for sleep. Process your day and practice gratitude. Have a strong, clear vision of who you are, what you do, and how you feel as the new you. Embrace and build a healthy system to unwind, envisioning your goals and allowing your subconscious to take them to the next level, while you dream.


Create positive growth in your mind. Protect your mind from negative self talk and find solutions to create new support in your thoughts. Identify progress, appreciate your efforts, and see the good in every situation, while creating new challenges and opportunities. Practice mindfulness and gratitude at the start and end of each day.

We are a result of our thoughts and actions. By finding ways to optimize health, mind, and body, we build amazing resilience. This helps us to overcome new adversity, process and overcome stress, and build a new, healthy perspective. We are amazing and can do incredible things!

Write and connect with what you want. Process your goals with a detailed action plan and Get Started Today!

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