Mindfulness & Meditation with Pam

Open your mind and body to health and wellness with an introduction to techniques to reduce and process stress and heal from the inside out. Learn breathing techniques, movements, and processes to improve your life, overcome challenges, and gain perspective.

6 Week Series

October 6 - November 10, 2019
Sundays, 9:30 - 10:00 am
Free For Members.
$49 Series or $10 Drop-ins

12 Science-Based Benefits

- Reduces Stress
- Controls Anxiety
- Promotes Emotional Health
- Enhances Self-Awareness
- Lengthens Attention Span
- May Reduce Age-Related Memory Loss
- Can Generate Kindness
- May Help Fight Addictions
- Improves Sleep
- Helps Control Pain
- Can Decrease Blood Pressure
- You Can Practice Anywhere

Pamela Easterday

"Meditation has been my touchstone for seventeen years. It has helped me to understand myself and the world around me in ways I didn’t realize were possible. It helps me to live my life fully and with more freedom despite the stress and anxiety that is a natural part of life. It is a daily practice that keeps me connected to myself and continues to open me into deeper truths as I age and mature."

We are closed for business as of 8:00 PM, March 23rd. We anticipate a reopen date of April 15th, but will update this as state COVID-19 mandates change. Members can take advantage of our Member Portal videos and information, to stay healthy and active at home. Non-members, check out our videos on YouTube!THE MEMBER PORTAL