Nate’s Top 7 Workout Tips

Nate’s Top 7 Workout Tips


If getting into a routine is a challenge, schedule it in your planner or calendar, like you would other appointments. 

  1. Schedule a time to meet a friend at the gym. Workout partners help you get rid of excuses. We need to be active for the love of ourselves, but it’s harder to cancel when someone else is involved.
  2. Schedule a Class or a workout with a Personal Trainer. Our Member Portal makes it easy to add classes to your schedule and receive automated reminders.
[Strengthen, Lengthen, & Tone with Kate is a great, total body workout, Saturday Mornings, 8:30-9:30.]


Lift weights to burn fat. Lifting weights forces your body to rebuild muscle tissue stronger, to overcome the previous load you put on them. This helps your body to burn more calories each day over all, to maintain the new, lean body mass (muscle) you have created.


Save your cardio for after the weights, if you are doing it in the same workout. A short cardio warm up is fine, to get the blood pumping for 5 minutes before your workout, but doing a long cardio session before weights is only going to limit your strength.


Don’t do cardio everyday. You can go for walks and get fresh air, but save your cardio focused workouts for 3-5 days a week. In this case, we don’t want to adapt or have the body expect cardio every day.


Do intervals for a majority of your cardio, with varying intensities in the same workout. This will give you more results and health benefits for both cardio (heart health) and strength.

[HIIT Stations with Nate, Saturday Mornings, 7:30-8:00]


Do cardio in a fasted state. This helps the body circulate and use fat as a fuel source.


Cross-train. Try doing different activities. Don’t always do the bike. Don’t always jog or run. Don’t always do the elliptical. We need to vary our movement, to see better results and save our joints from too much repetition of the same movement. Diversity, in this case, is important and helpful.

These 7 Tips can help you build healthier activity habits, to support greater experiences and lifestyle. Remember that being active on a regular basis enhances your body and mind, which in turn helps your overall life and relationships with others. You will have a better outlook on your world!

Your Health Matters.

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