Mindfulness is a process that allows us to be and see without judgement. 

We can reduce our stress or limit our reactions to it, by how we respond to it.

Why do most of us judge the process or tell ourselves we can’t do it before we start? We learn with practice.

Instead of telling ourselves we can’t or we aren’t good at it, let’s see the definition of mindfulness and go with the flow.

mind·ful·ness noun/ˈmīn(d)f(ə)lnəs/
Definition of mindfulness

1: the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something; of being mindful

2: a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique.

also : such a state of awareness

Practice Mindfulness

Let’s get rid of the excuses and begin the practice. The health benefits are incredible. Our body, mind, and life experiences are heightened with regular practice, no matter how good we are at it. 

Find a comfortable space where you can sit and begin to be at peace. Being present is such an important part of this practice. Our mind goes from emotions of pain from the past to fear about the future. As we learn to become more present, our abilities and awareness become heightened and amazing.

I have found myself in what I call my sweet spot for moments and sometimes, for weeks or months. It is a euphoric experience that allows me to feel and be optimizing my relationships, achievements, and accomplishments.

We all have an inner energy flow that can get hung up if we allow the outside world to penetrate our inner self. When we ground ourselves everyday, with gratitude, breath, and joy, we have the optimal ability to process and work through anything our outside world brings, with minimal stress.

Our present self has no limits and a great ability to overcome any challenge. Clarity is more automatic and more vivid than ever.

How do I start? That is the wrong question (I know, I just judged you, but it was to tell you not to overthink it). Just Start. Take 5 minutes, set a timer, sit, and breathe. Be aware of noises around you, thoughts that come your way. Instead of trying to block it out, let it flow through. 

Deep breathing brings a natural flow to our bodies. You can heal yourself with mindfulness. You can create solutions. You can get connected with what matters most in your life, YOU.

“It is not called “The Breath of Life” for nothing. One of the most basic functions of the human body, breathing not only fuels the body with oxygen, it can also clear a foggy mind and help strengthen the muscles. Yet few people learn how to breathe in a way that allows the body to function the way it should.”

The Importance of Proper Breathing for Your Overall Health.

It can be a hard concept to focus on you, your health, and your needs. We are so busy taking care of others.

The take home with mindfulness is that the better we care for and connect with ourselves, the greater flow and ability we have to enhance our lives and everyone else in our circle.

Schedule your mindfulness session today and get your shine on. The energy flow and connection you create will be life changing.


  • Find a comfortable, quiet space and an optimal zen time.
  • Classical music, the sound of waves, or spa like music can be helpful, but are not needed.
  • Get comfortable (find a comfortable seat).
  • Darkness can be helpful, but is not needed.
  • Breathe deeply and feel your energy flow.
  • Go for it and experience your best life.
  • You are worth the effort.

If you feel like 5 minutes is too long. Check out this video on the 3-by-3 method. Ironically, it’s just under 9 minutes, but overall, will save you time for future sessions, until your skepticism weakens.

Can you go from feeling stressed to calm in under 30 seconds? Phil Boissiere shares his simple technique to bring mindfulness to your busy life, any time, anywhere.

Let me know how you feel with this and your experience. Remember, if you are looking to succeed, you will find ways to do it. If you are looking for excuses and reasons why you can’t do something, you will also find ways to do it. Your Health Matters.

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