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Mind Travel
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We often remember amazing times of our lives and say, “why can’t things be the way they used to be?” We can remember traumatic events from the past and say, “I never want to put myself in that position again.”

We can look to the future in excitement of an upcoming event or experience. But, on the other side, we may look to the future in fear of what’s to come; a presentation or a big deadline that we are stressing about.

Being present can help us enjoy more of life and experience a greater connection with the world and the people in it. We can also respond better, instead of reacting to a given situation. Responses instead of reactions can help us create greater experiences, joy, and progress. We can create more powerful relationships and get more out of what we do.

Reflecting on the past in quiet times helps us remember the lessons we’ve learned from it. Failures and hardships teach us to overcome adversity and to see the benefit of a challenge. It helps us to not make the same mistakes twice and to correct our paths. Remember beautiful times, events, accomplishments, and experiences we can cherish for a lifetime.

We can look to the future in quiet times as well, with excitement of new opportunities, goals, future growth, and progress for new experiences to come.

We can make the most of our time here and now. Being present during activities, interactions, and the spaces we are in enhances our experiences and brings great gratitude and peace for who we are. We can also find greater appreciation for who and what we have in our lives. We can come to love ourselves and get a deeper connection with our world.

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Nate Yandow is a certified trainer, nutritionist, and the owner of Duke's Fitness Center.
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