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Tyler Webb
Age: 44

Profession: Grass-fed Organic Dairy Farmer, raising beef and pork to sell at local farmers markets. He also runs a farm stay Airbnb.

Activities: Soccer, Telemark Skiing, Backcountry Skiing

Why Duke’s? 

“I’m not attracted to the competitive and franchised gyms in the area. Duke’s was just a good fit, not intimidating, friendly, and I like the family atmosphere.”

How long have you been working out?

“At Duke’s, for 9 months, but I have always been active on the farm and in sports.”

What are the most important benefits you find from working out (accomplishments, how you feel, what you can do)? 

“In 9 months, my cholesterol is down 111 points and I have lost 27 lbs. I’m a lot faster on the soccer field, I have a shorter recovery time, and it makes the day easier farming. I’m looking forward to ski season.”

Who would you recommend Duke’s to?

“Anyone and everyone who is ready for a change, Duke’s is there to guide you and give you the knowledge and tools needed.”

Thank you for being a part of our Duke’s Family, Tyler!

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Nate Yandow is a certified trainer, nutritionist, and the owner of Duke's Fitness Center.
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