Member Spotlight – Naomi

Naomi Wright

Age: 41!!! But I feel 25 most days!

Profession: Human Resources Professional

Activities: Specifically at Duke’s – Spinning, Elliptical, Jacob’s Ladder, Running. Outside of Duke’s – Mom to my son, Jacoby, who occasionally joins me at Duke’s (Graduate Student, two courses to go!), Hiking, Random Adventures, Lip Gloss Shopping

Why Duke’s? 

“I started out hitting up Spin classes at Duke’s. Nate always knew my name and greeted me when I would walk in, and the camaraderie, spirit and warmth of the other members gave me a sense of ease, as I really am not a ‘gym person’.” 

How long have you been working out?

“I played softball and field hockey and then, I began training in Taekwondo my senior year of high school and stuck with that for many years, earning my black belt. After that, I ran and hiked and was outside as much as possible, except during the winter, when I would avoid the cold and winter weight would inevitably tackle me like a ninja! With Nate’s help, I have just started moving beyond cardio and into the weight room, which has been incredible!”

What are the most important benefits you find from working out (Accomplishments, how you feel, what you can do)? 

“Fear of failing has been a very powerful influencer in my life and it is only over the past few years that I have started to fight back against my fear. Finding the courage to be my best self has led to amazing progress in all areas of my life: I am a more patient and loving mom; I am completing my Master’s, something I didn’t think I was capable of; I have started a new job that I love, even though I was scared to leave the comfort and security of the job I had; I have been working towards being my best physical self, which helps me be my best mental self; and, I have an amazing boyfriend who shares my health and wellness values. Working out doesn’t just provide a better body or physical health benefits. It empowers you to believe you are capable and worth having what you want in life!”

Who would you recommend to Duke’s? 

“Duke’s is for people who have that internal fire inside them to become their best and who want to be surrounded by people who will help that fire blaze!”

Thank you, Naomi, for being a part of the Duke’s Family!

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