Ken’s Ride – Ride of Hope

May 11, 2019

For The Month of May, for every Spin, Duke’s will donate $1 to support Ken’s Ride. So, the more you Spin, the more will go to support the Ride of Hope.

We are also offering Michelle’s Saturday morning Spinning class as an option, for those who prefer to ride inside.

Spinning w/ Michelle D – 9:45-10:45 AM

Free for those registered for Ken’s Ride. Call ahead to reserve a bike.

“Please join us in this Bikeathon, organized to celebrate the life of Ken Appel, Vermont attorney and passionate cyclist, who passed away from Prime of Life neurodegenetative diseases, Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP) and Frontotemperal Dementia (FTD).

KEN’S RIDE will honor his wish that a cure be found for these Prime of Life Brain Diseases. These diseases consume a person bit by bit, both physically and mentally. They take a person’s independence and mobility, their ability to think or enjoy favorite past times, communicate, realize dreams, or hold loved ones near. Currently, there is no cure or effective treatment…”
  [Read More Here]

Parking at Duke’s will be available for those participating.

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