Jessica Wetherby

Jessica Wetherby

About Jessica Wetherby

If you’re looking for an instructor into everything from cooking to hiking to mixed martial arts, Jessica is the one for you. Born in ’82, Jessica has been into fitness ever since she can remember:

“I started playing soccer in 3rd grade and stuck with it all through college. Since then I’ve indulged in MMA/Boxing training, endless spinning classes and many races to keep me goal oriented. I always have been interested in what could make me a better athlete.”

Her interests include cooking, hiking, music, and dogs, as well as fitness and nutrition.

Jessica has been instructing for ten years, subbing in on various Boot Camp and Spin classes. She is currently teaching a Box and Core class on Sunday mornings. When she isn’t teaching, Jessica pursues her passion for cooking whole, clean foods. Long hikes are a favorite, as are dog walks and competitive races. “Without the gym,” Jessica says, “I wouldn’t be able to benefit from the camaraderie, endless workout possibilities and the dedication it provides.”

What makes Duke’s so special to her? “I started working out at Duke’s Fitness in 1995 and throughout my travels in life, it has always brought me back. Duke’s is a comfortable but motivating environment to be a part of with lots of support and opportunity!”

“Since then, we’ve had Mia and she’s quite the part of the gym family!”
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