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Man Boobs and Love Handles that weren’t there yesterday?!

“Did my a$$ get bigger overnight?!”

This is inflammation due to mitochondrial dysfunction, caused by food intake and/or environment. One person can see them swell one day and shrink down the next. This dysfunction is the root cause of many diseases, but can be remedied by making healthy choices.

We often are unhealthy from poor food choices, too much technology, not enough exercise, and not enough sleep.

“…mitochondria can be thought of rather like a car engine, that burns fuel (food molecules), and recovers the energy in a useful form to drive the processes of life. A malfunctioning engine imparts less energy but also creates toxic by-products as a result of incomplete combustion. Mitochondria are very similar.”

Howy Jacobs, Institute of Biotechnology
Science Daily, 1/26/2017

Common Causes

Mold Toxicity (in your home, in your food, in your coffee…):

Test your home. This can be done using an online mold test kit or by using a local testing company.

If you drink coffee, buy an organic whole bean variety, such as Green Mountain Coffee Roasters or BulletProof and grind it yourself.

Gluten / Bread / Processed Grains:

If you love bread, it’s an hormonal addiction. This means you can change it with healthier habits.

“…bread is as addictive as a drug. When these people eat bread, their bodies release too much insulin, also known as the “hunger hormone.” Insulin stimulates the appetite, making it easy to overeat.”

Suzanne Andrews, Functional Fitness
Collage Video, 2/9/2017

High Cortisol Levels:

High cortisol messes with our bodies’ homeostasis. This is often caused by poor diet, lack of sleep, and high stress. Many of these things come back to making better, cleaner food choices, getting away from technology within a couple of hours before sleep, and training/exercising for at least 30 minutes a day.

Check out ways to reduce cortisol here!

Lack of Sleep

Metal Toxicity (impure water, metal dental fillings)

Try This

Cold Therapy:

Shiver in cold water everyday. Drop fat easily and transfer white fat to brown fat. Or, try 30 minutes with ice packs.


Get your body burning fat for fuel. Try these 7 steps to get started with Ketosis.

Gut Health:

Cancer cells Ferment just like the bacteria in the colon and science suggests a healthier gut is important in avoiding cancer and other diseases. Fermented foods and drinks, such as AFK Kombucha (available at Duke’s) are a great way to add good bacteria and improve gut health.

Nate’s Take Away

*For anyone who is Epileptic, remove glucose (bread, sugar, fruit) from the diet. This protects the brain from seizures.

*Intermittent Fasting is ideal for all bodies to function better. This is not a diet, but a different timing pattern of eating.

Women should only intermittent fast 4 days a week, max. The hormones are too sensitive to go beyond this.

Eat every 18 hours. Some people eat one day and not the next. There are multiple ways to do it.

*If you eat dairy, make sure your body feels good with it.

Consume raw when you can. Make sure it is full fat and doesn’t have added sugars. Most yogurts in the store are both low fat and full of sugar.

*The idea of Ketogenic Nutrition has been around for 100’s of years. It can kill and prevent cancer cells.

We don’t need to always be ketogenic, but it is important to eliminate sugar from the diet.


Start Here:

*Clean up nutrition with real food choices and get rid of sugars, including starches and fruit for 3 days. Add in the real stuff as you feel you need and see how your body responds. 

*Try cold showers and give yourself opportunities to shiver. Change your fatness into fitness with white fat changing to brown fat. This can make even a flatlander feel like a “real Vermonter”.

*Connect with the food you eat. Chew it, appreciate it, and be aware of how much you are taking in.

*Journal and track what you put in your body, as well as when, where, and why. With attention to these details, we can get more out of our food, take in appropriate amounts and variety, and find what works best for our system.

*Time your feeding within an 8 hour window and play around with it. Make sure your first meal doesn’t have sugars (including fruit) when you break your fast!

*Get some blue light blocking glasses for when you are using technology and aim to limit or avoid technology within 2 hours before bed. Also, check your device settings. Many newer devices have an option in Settings for a Blue Light Filter.

Blue light filter option shown on Samsung Galaxy Active 10.

Credit on keto, cold therapy, and intermittent fasting from podcast on Bike or Death with Billy Rice 12/10/18,

Also Check out Wim Hof for more on cold therapy. This guy is the ICE MAN!

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