What is Spinning?

Spinning is a cycling exercise program that’s high on energy. Indoor cycling more than anything is a fantastic way to burn calories for beginners and seasoned cyclists alike. It’s very social as well: Spinning classes are often fun group exercises, with intense music and fun instructors. The focus is on enjoying an intense workout together and less on the weight loss.

More Benefits

Heart health. Spinning is an excellent cardiovascular exercise, with both aerobic and anaerobic benefits. While Spinning does burn fat and builds muscular endurance, it also strengthens heart muscles and overall cardiovascular stamina.

Lung capacity is another big benefit, and when combined with breathing control can help lower your heart rate.

Spinning at Duke’s

We’ve been doing this for a long time: Duke’s Fitness Center is proud to be the first certified Spinning facility in Franklin County, Vermont. All of our instructors are certified and all levels of fitness proficiency are welcome.

You can find all of our classes on our class list.

Things To Know

Everyone is welcome. Beginners and regular spinners make for a great mix and a hearty, fun-filled workout.

Signup. It’s best to reserve a spot in class as there is a limited number of cycles. You can reserve a seat through links on the class page or by contacting us on the phone. It’s important to get your place in class ahead of time.

Water. Another important thing to bring is a water bottle and towel. Make sure the water bottle will fit in a basic bike bottle holder. Both towels and water are available at our front desk, but feel free to bring your own.

Bike Clips. Our cycles are outfitted with Shimano SPD-compatible clips. They also have screens to display your RPM, distance, and plugins for a heart rate monitor if you have it. If you don’t have SPD cycling shoes, we recommend bringing a pair of shoes that have a firm sole. These will be strapped in onto the pedal.

We also have SPD clips for sale.

Discounts. Spinning classes are open to members and non-members, with Duke’s membership holders receiving a class discount. Additionally, you can get per-class passes each visit or grab spin packs that have bundled 10-30 class discounts.

Take a Class

Terrific! You’ll find all of our classes on our class list.

Each one is taught by friendly and knowledgeable instructors. More than that, each class is its own fitness community, with people of all shapes and sizes on their fitness journey toward better health.

And if you have any questions, feel free to ask us.

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