Getting Well Is Worth The Work, In The Gym, Outside, and Where You Dwell

Getting Well Is Worth The Work, In The Gym, Outside, and Where You Dwell.

Health Matters has been our focus for many years. It rings true now more than ever. We had been asked to stop providing in-person health support for over 2 months. We answered the call with online training and coaching, Live and recorded classes, phone calls, emails, and social media programming, to reach you and support you along the way. 

Many of us are going through the same thing in different ways. Without coping mechanisms, many have too much stress built up inside them. This is a common issue in general. Now, it is more important than ever to boost our immune systems with activity, workouts, training, exercise, fresh air, real food, mindfulness, and gratitude. If we don’t make habits for positive energy flow, we are destined for stress, anxiety, and defeat. The great news is that we all have it in us to overcome this adversity. Create your vision each day, when you wake and before you sleep, with gratitude and focus on the good and the great within and around you. 

We are here to serve you at all levels for wellness, strength, and joy. Your health matters and we are here to serve you.

We have outdoor classes, weather permitting, along with an outdoor space for you to train. We have been allowed to train indoors at a lower capacity, the past couple of weeks, and it has been exciting to see familiar faces and the energy flow back here at Duke’s.

We want you to know that we are taking steps and working on creating an even safer and cleaner environment than we already had. That says a lot. We have added new hand sanitizing stations at entrances and throughout the gym. We are registering workouts and classes online, to ensure proper spacing and comfort.

Many members have embraced their online Member Portal, through our website. I hope you can see the value of logging in and using our videos, doing our remote workouts, and getting programming support from anywhere.

We have a new 3D Body Scanner coming, to help give you detailed information of your progress, with clarity. I have seen so much great progress with clients who get destroyed by a reaction to the scale. This new technology will not only show you what’s really happening with your body, but it is quick, simple, and non-invasive. It has great tools to show body fat and lean body mass changes, changes in inches, as well as a 3D image, to show objective changes as they happen. This system also applies goal setting and nutrition details, to help you plan and create your progress in a clear and supportive package.

Whether you are a member or not, we would love for you to SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube Channel and have workouts at your fingertips.

If you are a member or would like to be, but are not ready to come into the gym, you can join our LIVE Online Classes, or get Programming and Personal Training from home. As a Nutritionist, I can communicate via phone, video chats, and share information online for your new approach to wellness. 

Online Training and Wellness Programming is in play.

We have Live Streaming of our YouTube Channel in our Aerobics Studio, so you can do workouts with us or other workout streams that You love.

We have always felt a strong family bond to our members. We are a family owned and operated small business. We want to Thank You, with a deep gratitude for your support. We are here to give you Our best, for You to be Your best. 

We appreciate all of your support throughout this process. We are here to support you, as well. 

Share your Duke’s experience with a Review or Testimonial, Share our posts, and help us reach and support you on new levels. We continue to innovate and modify our offerings, for those new levels and beyond. We feel your love and hope you feel ours, too. We will continue to provide ways to have fun, get great workouts, and enhance your wellness experiences. 

Take the time each day to breathe, be grateful, fuel with real food, and move with joy. We may not always feel like getting a workout started, but we always feel better for doing it. The days we don’t feel like it are the days we need it most.

What’s your next goal and when are you going to accomplish it? There are opportunities for all levels, near and far! Your New Health Goal Begins Now!

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