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Rail City Boxing Club is a registered club with USA Boxing and the only one of its kind in the area. The goal of the club is offering training and opportunity for competitive boxers in Northern Vermont.

The average age of our competing boxers is 11-15, so youths are encouraged to join, as the club is most geared towards the development of boxers at an early age. But, anyone can join and train like a fighter. We can modify contact exercises for those who wish not to compete.

Training days may vary, depending on preparation for those who are competing.



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Rail City Boxing: Empowering People


Luke Tatro: Luke grew up boxing, being trained by Jim Sheridan, Arnold Tatro, and Randy Feeley. After winning the Golden Gloves in 2011, he joined the United States Marine Corps, where he served four years with 3rd Battalion 6th Marine Regiment. During this time, he advanced his knowledge on hand to hand ground combat tactics. While deployed on the 24th MEU, he had the opportunity to train Marine Corps Martial Arts instructors and Scout Snipers on how to box. He is a registered Level 1 Coach with USA Boxing.

Hans Olson: The son of a Navy/Golden Gloves boxer, boxing was always a part of Hans’ life. As a youth, Hans was a 4-sport athlete (baseball, hockey, wrestling, and football) before turning his attention to music through his teens and early 20s, touring throughout the the States in various rock, punk, metal, and hardcore bands. Changing directions, Hans eventually returned to one of his first loves, boxing. He trained throughout Québec and Vermont, primarily at Club de Boxe de l’Impulse, under top trainer Jim Glover. After setbacks and injuries, Hans transitioned to coaching. He is a registered Level 1 Coach with USA Boxing.


*Please note that Registration through Duke’s, either Online or by Call Ahead is required for all classes. Registration with USA Boxing is required for age 8+, either as fitness only or full contact, depending on the class and student preference.

The purpose of the Youth Boxing Program is boxing fundamentals, “fun sport” activities, and fitness drills related to boxing. The 45 minute sessions are ideal for younger athletes, to maintain focus in a fun, but organized atmosphere. Consistent weekly attendance is preferred, as the sessions are structured to “build” the athlete each week. Although weekly drop-ins are welcome, the most will be gotten out of the program if treated like any other youth sport with organized practices. The young athlete will be taught the following in a periodized fashion:

  • The rules of amateur (Olympic style) boxing.
  • Safety and proper use of equipment (wrapping hands, headgear, etc…an often under-emphasized aspect of boxing training).
  • Boxing basics (stance, footwork, defense, punches, etc.)

Another aspect of the class is fun, age/sport-specific circuit training, to promote athleticism within boxing.

Boxers who show exceptional promise in the sport (or those who look to compete in the future) will be welcomed to train in the primary Rail City Boxing Club sessions, if they wish. Those who wish to compete in the future at this age range (6-10) will be trained for “fun box” competition. “Fun box” competitions are held prior to regular amateur bouts in Québec (where our team primarily competes). “Fun box” bouts are not scored, and only body punches are allowed (ie., no head punching). This process is a great (and safe) way for young boxers to get experience for the future. Think of it like tee-ball compared to Little League.

A sample class looks like this:

  • 10 mins – Active warm up/stretch/calisthenics
  • 10 mins – Hand wrapping, properly equipping instructional.
  • 10 mins – Rule and/or technique of the week, with instruction.
  • 10 mins – Sport specific cardio circuit.
  • 5 mins – Cool down/stretch, ending to weekly session

Boxers are required to register with USA Boxing’s Junior Fitness Membership for $25 per year. At this point, while maintaining social distance, there will not be contact between members. If a boxer advances to the point of competition in the future, at that point the membership will have to be upgraded to a “full contact” member.

Boxing, although trained as a team, is highly individualistic. Communication between the coach and parent will determine the present and future goals for the young athlete.

Equipment can be ordered through the Rail City Boxing Club at the following rates:


  • Youth Gloves, $30, (Introductory Quality), or
  • 12 oz Gloves, $70 (long lasting high quality)

OPTIONAL (for future use):

  • No-Foul Protector (cup), $30
  • Mouthguard, $10
  • Boxing Shoes, $60
  • Protective Headgear, $60
  • Competitive Uniform, $25
  • Boxing Trunks, $25

Training in full uniforms/equipment is not necessary, (for example indoor athletic shoes are fine).


“With our youth and teenage numbers increasing by the week, and as training for competitive tournaments mid-2021 begins, we are making some adjustments to our training program as it relates to age appropriate practices. We will maintain our youth boxing ages 6-10 sessions, two days per week, but the rest of our sessions will now be for ages 11-18. 

A few key points, so that it is understood that we are not kicking out anyone from the program!!!!

-Anyone who has been boxing with us over the age of 18 will be exempt. They are “grandfathered” and can continue to train as long as they have a full contact USA Boxing membership. Registration for 2021 begins on November 1st. We have some great, hard working boxers over the age of 18, and we want to continue to train them. In reality, having less new members that tend to “come and go” will help us isolate your training more personally and specifically. We will know you are committed.

-We will STILL take on any new boxers over age 18 from now until Jan 1st, but any new boxers must register as a full contact member with USA Boxing.

-Anyone in the above groups can come as much as they like, or as irregularly as they wish, but individualized plans and mitt work will only be for those who show up at least 3 days per week. For those who are truly committed, we will still schedule sparring, additional training session, and organize matches for you. Anybody who remains in the program, or signs up and is eager to box, will show that commitment.

-Any members of Duke’s who are registered as fitness only members with USA Boxing are still welcomed to train. However, everyone must understand that there will be certain points in practice where more attention will have to be given to the teenage athletes. Teaching and training adolescents is much different than fully grown adults. It can be a difficult dynamic, so please be understanding if we are not able to give as much one-on-one time during practices.

-As of Jan 1st, the age cutoff will be 18. Anybody that has been boxing with us who ages past 18 can continue to train with us, no problem at all.

As of January 1… All promotional materials will advertise classes with these age limits.”


Message Duke's Fitness Center

We are open as of June 1st. Please check the State of Vermont's site for The Most Current Guidelines and Info.

Due to limits on participants, ALL Classes and after hours Gym Use need to be scheduled through the Member Portal or by direct Call to the Gym at (802) 527-1581.

When entering the gym to workout, there are spray bottles at the door. Please grab one and also, grab a towel at the main desk. Wipe down anything that you come into contact with.

Face coverings are requested upon arrival and exit in the entryway. Face coverings are not required as long as 6 ft distance is maintained. We do not recommend face coverings during workouts.

Current Members should swipe in with their Barcode ID when entering and swipe out when leaving.

We want people to be safe and respectful of others as always. Your Health Matters.

Click Here For Instructions On How To Register Online