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Remember that life is about seeking and working towards balance. We do need to do for ourselves, while also finding benefit in creating and serving others. A healthy balance brings wellness to all involved.

Fear is a necessity and a natural part of life. The most courageous people in the world are those with great fear. The key to success is in our response.

If we react to fear and cower away from it, we prevent our growth and progress. We can talk ourselves right out of having a conversation, for fear of how others will respond or react. We need to remember that our responsibility is to live true to what we believe and want for our lives.

We have to first connect daily with our wants and our why. This can change as time goes by. We need to trust in the process and realize that with each step forward, the light shines brighter on the following step, and so on. 

One of the biggest adversities in life is the regret of not living and taking action toward our true beliefs and mission. Do what You connect with. 

  • Do you want to support others in healing?
  • Do you want to support greater independence for those less fortunate?
  • Do you want to teach and support youth development?
  • Do you want to take responsibility for your health, to improve your life experiences and inspire others?
  • Do you want to start cycling or feeling stronger, to experience a greater life?

Take a moment to practice what will help you improve your skills. We learn from experience, observation, and feedback. Our minds and bodies make new connections and synapses with progress, over time, through repetition.

Here’s an example of a simple action that happened to me. I began playing guitar in college and learned a few basics while taking my mind off from organic chemistry and biochemistry classes. I picked the guitar back up a couple of years ago and began to see great progress. I enjoy playing and see more progress, now that I take more time to practice. This is a great outlet for me to relieve stress and even bond with my kids.

I have recently felt overwhelmed with some big progressions in my business and a transition in our gym software, in combination with losing files and data from a power outage. This has put the guitar on the back burner for a while and I notice I am picking it up less, as well as regressing. I know I’ll get through this hump and improve our reach and services, offering the best health and wellness to our community, but it has not been easy. Although playing the guitar is merely something I do for fun, it really supports my mental health, which helps with my relationships and overall joy. Finding balance is important, as a healthy mindset gives us better focus and clarity, which helps us overcome challenges in our lives.

It’s okay for us to have negative thoughts of not feeling good enough, but we shouldn’t hold on to or dwell on those thoughts. We all get those feelings. It’s not about preventing it. It’s about letting it flow through us, so we can move forward, to better focus, actions, and thoughts. 

Researchers found that those who spent more time in the rapid eye movement (REM) phase of sleep — which is associated with dreaming — also had dampened activity in, as well as reduced connectivity between, the amygdala, the hippocampus, and the ventromedial prefrontal cortex during fear learning.

Medical News Today, “How a good night’s sleep can protect against fear”

How we are sleeping is more than likely the most important part of our overall health. If we aren’t living true to what our goals are, we may make poor decisions with food, alcohol, and drugs, as a way to distract and avoid the focus. This can create a downward spiral making our challenges bigger. All of these things can lead to worse sleep, which prevents our bodies and minds from recovering, progressing, and repairing. This slide makes fear more difficult to manage.

Embrace fear. Acknowledge the negative talk in your head and then let it go, make light of it, and move forward. It’s impossible to not have negative self talk, but it is possible to look at it differently and overcome. The inner Negative Nellie or Pessimistic Pat can flow through and get on with the Progressive Pete and the Happy Harry!

Elite athletes have fear, just like everybody else. The difference is they see fear as exciting and an opportunity for growth. They know the most amazing experiences are on the other side of it. We can all benefit from this mindset to help us get past our fears.

FEAR = Face Everything And Rise

We can’t let fear prevent us from living. Some of the great regrets in life are the ones that occurred when fear beat us. We wonder what could and would have been, if we had just tried. These regrets haunt us. What were we so afraid of? It’s never to late to get back to those goals as long as you connect with them still.

Our wellness is a variety of small fears and adversities, overcome on a daily basis, by practicing how to strengthen, progress, and heal. Over time, we become healthier and stronger, both mentally and physically. We are all better when we take time for activity, healthy nutrition, mindfulness, rest, and playful social interaction.

Decide and live your best life each day! We never know how long we have. Those we have lost would give anything for one more day. Any challenges and adversity that come your way can be used to empower and strengthen your action. Take action today and feel the difference!

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