We believe that classes are the key to a healthy life.

Make the most of your fitness routine. Mixing up your exercise will get you in better shape in less time. There's nothing better than variety.

There are lots of classes here at Duke's. Take a yoga class to quiet your mind, find a morning class and energize yourself before work, or take a Spinning class with friends.

Fitness is fun here.

Class Descriptions

Jessica Wetherby Box-Fit:

“A combination of punching, core work, and body weight exercises that will raise both your level of cardio and strength. This class is fun and fit for every level. Group setting. Bring or buy wraps for extra protection, available for purchase at the desk. Gloves available.”

Kate Bilodeau Laddison Strengthen, Lengthen, and Tone: 

“A total body toning class that will get your heart rate up and keep it up. Class finishes with an ab segment, a mindful moment, and a long stretch period.”

Kate Bilodeau Laddison HIIT It:

“30 minutes of interval training with challenging exercises performed in short bursts. Each week presents a different format to keep you challenged. Although this class is intense, participants can work at their own pace and level making it do-able for everyone.”

Lisa Ede Total Body Attack:

“It’s a 45 minute workout… With that being said I try to get the most out of the time we have. No class will ever be the same. Some classes we use free weights..bands..slides whatever toys I feel like using for that class. Anyone at any level will get a good challenging workout, and sometimes you even get more then that..sometimes you even get to leave with a new family.”

Hilary Therrien Boot Camp:

“45 mins. Every workout is different. I try to provide a structured yet challenging workout utilizing weights and cardio. I provide modifications for all levels and an open atmosphere for people to ask questions or share what they liked/didn’t like about the class setup that day. In the summer I like to utilize our outdoor space to provide a change in scenery and a different style of workout. Just like life I’m always modifying my class to suit what is popular and most looked for at that time. At the end of the day, I just want people to have a great time and enjoy a great workout in a positive space with our amazing members!”