Batting Cage in St. Albans

     At Duke’s Fitness Center in St Albans we have everything you need, want, and expect in a full service gym – including a batting cage! Get your reps in for batting and pitching at Dukes. Great for personal training or the parent who wants to connect with their little one in a meaningful way, that helps them develop their game. Our fully enclosed “cage” includes:

  • A pitching mound set to Little League distance.
  • Z screen for overhand and underhanded pitchers
  • Heavy duty adjustable tee
  • Speed radar to gauge the speed difference in fastballs and off-speed pitches.
  • Softballs and balls available. Contact us to schedule your time!


Members: $20/hour
Guests: $25/hour
Groups of 3-5: $10/person/hour

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