About Duke’s Fitness Center


Here at Duke’s Fitness Center in St. Albans, VT, we aspire to be a leader in providing expert exercise and nutritional services to women and men regardless of age or fitness level.

At our Vermont fitness center and gym, we do everything we can to establish a personal relationship with each gym member in order to better assist our gym members and fitness class participants.

Personal fitness trainer and gym owner Nate Yandow and his qualified fitness staff are always happy to guide you towards greater physical, mental, and spiritual well-being through education, nutrition and exercise services at our local fitness center.

So stop by and discover for yourself what makes Duke’s Fitness Center one of the best gyms in Vermont.


Duke’s Fitness Center opened its door in 1992 and has always been part of the Saint Albans local community. Nate Yandow became a member of the Center in 1995 and fell in love with the experience and atmosphere, fueling his future career & his taking ownership of Duke’s in 2006. In 2011, Duke’s Fitness Center opened a new, 1400 square foot addition at the 18 Swanton Road location and its growth has continued, with several improvements and new equipment added, over the years. Several items, like Rail City Boxing and the interactive Expresso bikes, cannot be found at any other location in the area.

“We have a great Class Schedule and, if you want extra guidance with your workout, we have free Personal Training to get you started,” said Nate Yandow, B.S. Nutrition and Exercise Science, Personal Trainer, and owner of Duke’s Fitness Center. “Plus there are great Advanced Personal Training options from our certified trainers, as well.”

Nate has more to celebrate. On January 13th, he celebrated his thirteenth anniversary as owner of Duke’s. “I’d like to thank our members, staff, friends, and family for helping us get to where we are today.”


The Center, with over 600 regular members, provides great Health Challenge Programs in order to inspire healthier lifestyle choices, with nutrition education, stress management, and goal setting.

“Exercise and good nutrition give people more energy and better clarity and sleep,” Nate said. “It really helps you be more productive and efficient. A healthy lifestyle is more than just exercise; it’s about training your mind and body to work together through proper nutrition, rest, and activity. It’s never too late to make a positive change in your life.”


Duke’s offers Yoga, Boxing, HIIT, Barre, Groove, and a variety of cardio/weights focused classes, along with Free Babysitting services. Duke’s Fitness Center is always looking to add new classes and equipment, as well as to expand the Health Bar offerings, with a focus on locally made products.

Hot-off-the-press apparel, like dry-fit workout garments, tee-shirts, sweatshirts/jackets, and shorts are always available for purchase, as well as some seasonal holiday garb.


The center is very community-oriented. They raise money for non-profits like the food shelf, Women Helping Battered Women, and the Jim Bashaw Fund. They offer group discounts to State and City employees, health organizations, and local businesses, as well offering Gift Cards and periodic membership specials.

“It’s important not only to get involved helping individuals here, but helping the community, as well,” Nate continued. “We do as much as we can.”

Hi! My name's Nate.

Health and fitness has always been a thing I enjoyed, so I made the decision to open a gym that cared about its customers.

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