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5 Steps To A Better Life
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We’ve all heard about the Navy Seal’s speech winning the day with that first win of, “making your bed”.

Where do we go from there?

There are so many simple habits we can create. The better and more fine tuned your systems are the easier you make it for yourself to succeed. Decide where you want to raise your standard. On the other side of the fear of what you had to do to get there is the glory, joy and bliss.

1  Set an alarm for at least 30 minutes before you have to wake up. This way you get to get up with your health and wellness as a focus creating some morning time for yourself. Never hit snooze! (If this is a challenge make sure your alarm is away from your bed so you have to get up to reach it.

2  Once your feet hit the floor tell yourself something positive like, “I am grateful for the day and going to make a difference”.

3  Drink 40 oz of water within the first 5 minutes of being awake.

4  Sit with 5-15 minutes of mindfulness time. See the vision of what you want to accomplish for your highest level imaginable. Build your mantra’s, “I am healthy, I am strong, I am grateful”. Decide to focus on the people, situations, and wonderful things in your life.

5  Move for at least 30 minutes with a purpose, Walk, run, lift, yoga, stretch.

We need to change our perception from someday to today. It’s not about waiting for things to be perfect, but to create better and this will flow into pulling that beautiful vision closer and closer.

We can accomplish anything we choose. The key is to choose. We don’t need to know all of the steps to get there. We need to know the current step. The future steps appear as you take action. This is not to say that every step you take is going to be correct. The sooner you know whether it was correct the sooner you can move on. When we take a wrong step, there’s a lesson it. The most successful people make the most mistakes. Create it by taking action and correcting as you go.

Remember to connect with what you do. Surround yourself with the best opportunities by creating a supportive environment of people, words, and fuel. A perspective in line with out goals will overcome the doubt. We all have a past that we can regret or choose to overcome and learn from. We all have a future that we can fear, stress and worry about but with a beautiful picture of who and how you plan to be you can find glory on the other side of that fear. Make time to be present and enjoy and appreciate the opportunities and the process.

You are what you decide to be. Keep fine tuning, write it out talk it out with yourself and or someone that you know and trust will be straight forward and honest with you.

Plan out your morning with time for your mind, your body and connect your passion.

Set specific goals with an action plan and accountability with dates and great specificity.

Read your goals and plan each day with enthusiasm.

The clearer you make that picture and the more supportive systems you create. The more incredible your experience will become.

The time is now.

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Nate Yandow is a certified trainer, nutritionist, and the owner of Duke's Fitness Center.
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