About Kevin Wetherby

Kevin is an energetic trainer, boxer, and MMA athlete with a soft-spot for hiking, dogs, fitness, nutrition, and cars. He was born in March of ’82 and identifies 2004 as the year he first became actively interested in fitness. He joined Duke’s around that same time. “I was always on the smaller side and wanted to gain some muscle. I started lifting and power lifting and within the first couple years reached the goals I had set for myself.”

It was at this time Kevin began his fitness journey: He set new goals, started boxing and MMA training, and transitioned into obstacle-coarse racing and running. “It’s become a healthy lifestyle in so many ways other than just fitness,” he adds.

Kevin has been teaching for 4 years. “Spartan Strong” on Tuesdays at 6:30pm is where you’ll find him coaching class attendees in a class environment preparing them for grueling Spartan Races.

Outside of the gym, Kevin keeps things active. His training has allowed him to hike bigger and bigger mountains–he loves being out in nature. He feels that Duke’s has given him the motivation in life to do things he never would have done before: “[Duke’s] gave me a strong work ethic to further my career.”

When asked about Duke’s, Kevin has this to say: “I started at Duke’s when I began my healthy lifestyle change. It’s a motivating, friendly atmosphere that allows anyone, no matter their fitness level, to feel comfortable, become educated, and reach their goals.”