About Gene Depot

“Hello, my name is Gene Depot and I have been Spinning since 1998. It was my wife Michelle who introduced me to it, and I have been instructing intense Spinning classes at Duke’s Fitness Center ever since.”

“As a Duke’s Fitness Center employee since 1994, it has been such a pleasure to have such a strong following of advanced Spinners through the years. And who knows—maybe you could be the next one? Come enjoy the pain of being the best you possibly can be, one class at a time.”

Gene Depot has been an employee and member of Duke’s Fitness Center since 1994. An advance Vermont Spinning® instructor since 1998, his wife Michelle introduced him to the program. Gene has been a high-intensity Spinning class trainer ever since. Gene Depot knows well that Spinning® is highly effective. His classes are always full of fun times and great people.