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5 steps to a better life

We’ve all heard about the Navy Seal’s speech winning the day with that first win of, “making your bed”. Where do we go from there? There are so many simple habits we can create. The better and more fine tuned your systems are the easier you make it for yourself to succeed. Decide where you […]


Simply, Healthy & Happy

Create simple systems to improve your health and happiness in 7 days.   “I can’t sleep and am too tired to exercise every day.”   It seems like a vicious cycle.   You remember being healthier and feeling energetic. You remember having energy to do more. You remember feeling better, stronger, happier.   What has […]


Break the Tape 8 week Running Program begins April 16th!

Get expert guidance with workout schedules walking and running sessions, strength, mobility and stretching sessions to help you reach your health goals for summer and set a goal to do a race this season! April 16th – June 16th Monday nights 5:15-6:00pm walking and running session. Friday mornings 5:15-6:00am strength, mobility, and stretching session. Saturday […]