Meet Nate.

Nate Yandow is a certified trainer, nutritionist, and the owner of Duke's. More than anything, Nate wants everyone to realize their potential and make it simple for people to lead healthy, happy lives.

Along with Hilary Therrien, Heather Moore, and Patrick Magnant our trainers are your allies in the battle for better health.

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Get professional personal training.

Learn what it means to exercise safely and correctly. We'll show you how to best reach your goals, taking into account your lifestyle, schedule, and current fitness level before creating a personalized regular workout.

After scheduling an initial meeting you'll be given a customized list of cardio and weight-training exercises.

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A unique health plan just for you.

Fitness is only a part of healthy living. Your diet is incredibly important, but it can be hard to know what and when to eat. We'll create a health plan that'll guide you towards healthy, energizing food and put you on a path to a healthy weight.

Following an initial evaluation, Nate will provide you with helpful tips and advice on what foods to eat and avoid.

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Order a shake.

Our shakes are made with incredibly wholesome mixes. And with dozens of flavorful options, there's a perfect shake for everyone.

We offer gluten free shakes, too!

If you're in a rush, call ahead and order before you arrive and we'll have your shake ready when you walk through the door.

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Set a goal.

It's time.

Big or small, get help reaching your goals today. Get regular check-ins from Nate and get the motivation and support you need to succeed.

Fill out a quick questionnaire and Nate will keep you accountable, providing tips and advice as you push harder and harder to meet your goals.

Let's do this!

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