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“Lots of great equipment and fine staff. Duke’s is a perfect choice for anyone looking to improve their health.”

– Tim P.



“A great experience, atmosphere, and opportunity to build a healthy future for yourself.”

– Justin B.



“Absolutely LOVE working out at Duke’s. The staff is awesome and the owners are really friendly.”

– Daniel B.


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“I am proud”

I am proud that I have begun to make some very important changes in my life.  I am pleased that some aspects of my life are starting to come in line with what I envision for my future, and I am not at all discouraged that there are aspects of my life that I have not yet begun to bring into focus.

Changing my mindset, changing my behavior, changing my direction is not the flip of a switch. I will continue to make progress toward a better, stronger me.

To do this, I will take Nate’s advice from today which is to set daily goals that will help me achieve the changes that I want to make in 3 months, six months and a year from now.

Imagine if life were perfect: You’d have no where left to go but down.

I am happy to continue to strive for better.

“My journey continues”

I have learned a lot from you so far, Nate.

And not just about what to eat, not eat, making it a point to do something active each day. But also about living positively. It is so easy to find the negative in things, but you are a very positive person—a very genuinely caring and thoughtful person. I will continue to come to Duke’s because even though I didn’t drop a bunch of weight or figure out how to get myself to stop buying the chocolate in this magic 12 weeks, I feel I have found a place that helps influence how I look at other aspects of life which will also help with my long term goals.

This health challenge may be at an end, but my journey to a lower weight, and healthier living continues—at Duke’s where I get great support and helpful advice.

Thank you.

“You keep it real”

The challenge was ten weeks, so here are ten feedback items.

  1. The challenge it’s self sets the framework to get to the next level
  2. From week #1 I had a road map to meet my goals
  3. You provide individual attention. You are definitely approachable
  4. You’re real. You keep it real and thus it positively forces us to get real with our health
  5. Appreciate: weekly emails—enhanced mental health
  6. Awesome: Guest speakers
  7. Benefited from: Having the monthly calendar and goal sheet
  8. Good: Recipes
  9. Really Helpful: Feb 4 class on stretching, proper form for exercises, and equipment demo
  10. Really Like: multiple areas of health were incorporated, not just physical or nutrition.

“Your Calling”

You have a great calling in life. You enhance people’s lives through fitness & health. Thanks for continuing to play a vital roll in my journey.

“We both see results”

Hey Nate,

Thanks again for everything. I heard you mention that you felt some insecurities when some folks dropped out of the challenge—please don’t. I think that a lot of folks don’t realize the magnitude of the changes that come with this challenge.

It’s not just going to the gym, it’s a whole lifestyle change—diet, sleep, priorities, everything. You have been an awesome coach through this entire experience. You’ve educated us, kept us motivated, interested, and inspired. There’s a reason why I joined the fitness challenge at Duke’s and not some other gym—it’s you!

You have a great attitude, and I’m always comfortable asking questions because I know you’ll give me a straight answer. So pat yourself on the back: You deserve a round applause, just like the challenge members.

This challenge has been incredibly educational for me. My husband and I have both really changed our diets, and my husband even joined a kung fu class in Essex because he wants to be more active and reclaim some of his former strength. We both see the results in the mirror, and in our energy level, which is a huge bonus. We’ve been walking up Mt. Philo whenever we have a few free hours on the weekend—something we never would have done without starting with small steps, so thank you.

I would say the greatest challenge of sticking with the program is my commute. It’s a real test at the end of a hectic work day to get in my car and go to the gym knowing it means I won’t get home until after seven. The second hurdle has been pushing myself. I think that’s why I’m hooked on spin class because I know Nin will be there to remind me to push it when I start zoning out.

Who would have thought I would like spinning?

So before I write a novel I’m going to wrap this up. Thank you, and keep up the good work. I can’t wait to get through this cold and get back into my routine.


I’ve struggled with my weight my entire life.

My senior year in college, I moved to Massachusetts to complete my clinical training. Soon after moving, I started walking everyday and began losing weight. I joined a gym that winter to keep up my activity.

When I moved back to Vermont after graduating in spring 2007, my mom introduced me to Spinning. She had already been Spinning for a year. In the fall, my mom and I joined Duke’s Fitness Center, and we got our very first weight-training workout from Nate Yandow.

I quickly fell into the routine of going to the gym before work, and taking classes here and there as my schedule allowed. Last fall, I was looking for a new challenge and started working out every week with Chrystal.

Now three years later, I am a gym regular.

I find that I sleep better and just feel better when I go to the gym. One of the biggest challenges I have faced is the scale. Overcoming that number can be the hardest thing, and there is nothing more frustrating when working so hard and not seeing any numerical results. It took some time, but now I measure my success by other means than my own weight. I know that I am toning up and building my muscle even if the scale doesn’t seem to reflect that.

“New Challenges”

I am always seeking new challenges and Duke’s is always willing to provide them, whether by working out with Chrystal every week, or in an advanced Spinning class.