Easy Tips to healthy fun and safe summer workouts…where your health matters

Spring and Summer are great outdoor workout seasons in Vermont. Do you like to get outside when the weather is nice and take advantage of the warm sunny days when we get them? How can you have your summer and be in great shape too?

Duke’s has an outdoor training space and classes that are outside when the weather is nice! (We may even have some fun rainy day workouts!)

Outdoor training will give you other things to think about like extra hydration on hot days as well as covering your exposed skin with a natural sun screen  or spf clothing to protect you. Be prepared with drinking water throughout the day before your activity during and after. As you sweat re-apply your sun screen and scale your workout accordingly. The more water you are “sweating out” the more you need to replenish it as well as electrolytes. Check out this home made electrolyte recipe.

It’s great to go out for a run or bike ride on a nice day.

The rail trail is right across the road from us! This allows you an outdoor cardio session and the opportunity to go inside and lift some weights or stay outside with our athletic field!  You can get creative with your workouts from our professional instructors and add things into your outdoor routine. Get some personal training at Duke’s from one of our personal trainers. All fitness levels can train with the right guidance and support from Duke’s health advocates. Outdoor workouts can make your summer healthy and fun!

There are many possibilities. Try some plyometrics and body weight exercises, here are some examples that you can cycle through.



flip tires

bear crawls

body weight squats

hammer tires

push the outdoor sled

We have a new outdoor beach space that will be ready for June 2016!

Outdoor workouts have great possibilities! If you get a group together and build some workout and training stations to keep a focus and motivation the rewards and possibilities are endless. If you want to up the intensity include some HIIT into your workout. If you are looking for great health with fun workouts while enjoying the outdoors check out your local gym and see what they have to offer! Duke’s has outdoor bootcamps, outdoor kids classes and outdoor space that members can use on their time.

Get creative with your outdoor workouts with HIIT, boot camp, personal training and more.  Use some natural healthy sun screen, and maintain good hydration in the heat. Let’s have a great healthy and safe summer!

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