You are worth more than your weight (think local)

We see it often. Motivated individuals looking to get into a new healthy routine working out, eating “healthier” and reaching some weight loss goals. Often people give it anywhere from 1 week to 8 weeks…some times more but we hear the same thing. “I have been working out for X amount of days/weeks and my weight is the same or up, I quit!”

Some folks may want to start with eating right first and making positive nutritional changes.  I can assure you that many claim to “know how they are supposed to eat.” but once I hear most thoughts on this I realize that there is a lot of misinformation out there. Shake programs are some of the worst culprits taking nutrition out to left field with as much as 60% of intake into supplements. It may be true that it is hard to find quality foods out their but to deprive our bodies of real local food could be the death of us. When you start putting in real food like local grassfed meats, local free range eggs, local vegetables and fruits nuts & seeds as a base with herbs and spices. You don’t have to worry about calories if you are listening to your body and balancing out your intake with these foods as a baseline. Here are some great local options in the Franklin County area. We are lucky to have some great local farmers that we can benefit from their labor of love for our environment and community!


It is important to not only find balance in your workout activities as well as nutrition and rest but also to realize there is more going on than just weight.

Only doing cardio workouts can damage your joints and burn up the muscles that you do have leading to injury fatigue and a slower metabolism. “People that have the mindset of, I’m going to lose weight first with cardio before I do weights”, or “I want to lose weight not bulk up.”  The truth is, adding lean body mass or muscle takes focused time and intense effort. Adding some strength training into your routine will increase your lean body mass which will in turn increase your metabolism. In a months time of training 3 days a week of strength with 2 days of cardio in the week (5 days of training) a person may lose 5 #’s of fat and gain 2 lbs of muscle and beat themselves up looking at the scale saying I only lost 3 #’s working my butt off for a month!

Gym - Stretching class

If you are doing measurements with a tape at upper torso (chest/back), belly button, hip, thigh, and arm, along with a photo with the same form fitting clothes from day 1 of your journey to day 30 of your journey you will see a whole different story. Being down 6 inches, with an increase of 2 lbs of muscle, 3#’s of fat loss and your photo clothes baggy vs snug can be a whole lot more rewarding and motivating than thinking that the scale is only down 3 #lbs in a month!

Celebrate small victories and be aware of how you feel. You used to struggle with your warm up at 3 mph hour on the treadmill, now you’re warming up at 3.5 mph and feeling charged and ready to go. You used to only do 1 set of your strength routine now you are doing 3 sets and your strength has doubled!

Find a place to learn how to balance your healthy lifestyle with a variety of activity, trainers that care and help with support, motivation, that answer your questions.

Get as much local, natural, real food intake as you can. (weed out the processed foods gradually)

Drink water throughout the day (drink room temp or warm as a tea adding squeezes of lemons limes fresh berries, apple cider vinegar cinnamon, turmeric, and a small amount of real honey or maple for flavor and some extra health benefits!) Getting rid of other drinks can safe you on calories and prevent sugar cravings. Whether it’s soda or juice it will lead to more sugar cravings and effect your mood and energy in a negative way.

Get some sleep. 7-9 hours is ideal, get as close to this as you can.

Get a variety of activities with classes, personal training or create your own mix as long as you are comfortable with form and technique.

Be careful with the no pain no gain mentality. Although it is important to get aggressive with some workouts this has to be scaled with progression to help keep you safe. It is just as  important to put in some lower intensity recovery days.

Listen to how you feel, before you step on the scale… don’t let your positive healthy experience be jaded by a number on the scale use all of your measurement options and track what you put in your body, what you do, how you feel, your measurements, pictures, motivational quotes, goals and any other details that you think may help you succeed.

Embrace progress and successes, don’t fear the achievement of reaching a goal. A healthier lifestyle has many stepping stones and believing in yourself and having fun while doing it has a lot to do with how well this works! It’s not about getting as extreme as you can and then quitting. Enjoy the energy and your motivation for more intensity and detail when you have it but realize that you are human and the ultimate goal hopefully is to enjoy life to its fullest, healthy,  with a strong body mind and immune system, disease free and being as functional as possible into your later years.