3 Tips for healthier holidays!

You hear a lot of people trying to find a way to make it through the holidays without gaining weight. It can be more of a stress for some to go to a holiday gathering than it is a joy. Remember to keep things in perspective. Your health will not change dramatically from a Thanksgiving day food and drink fest, but it can start a downward spiral into the holiday season and turn your new year into a challenging combination of wardrobe malfunctions and depression. Try these tips to get you enjoying your holidays, friends and families without the stress of holiday bloat!

IF you know you are going to indulge, and it is perfectly fine to do so maintain some guidelines so you don’t deal with the  aftermath of guilt for making poor choices.

Get a little more activity!

An extra workout or more intensity in it can make a big difference. Working out for hours is not necessarily the best idea because you may be dragging it out with a lack of interest and pain and suffering. Double sessions are more effective, like getting a morning cardio session and an evening weight session. Have some fun with strength cardio or a Spinning class. If on your own do some interval training. Intervals will burn more calories long after you are done your actual activity. Check out  these beginner interval ideas if this is new to you HIIT this can be done as strength, cardio or a combination.

Indulge but hold yourself accountable!

I hear people say, “I made sure not to eat anything all day so I can go wild tonight!” You may think you did yourself a favor but chances are your indulgences are going to include sugar, unhealthy fats, alcohol or all 3! Getting some good hydration all day. (1/2 your body weight in oz of water each day is a good rule!) ex: 200 lb person should get 100 oz a day of water. Eating some healthy options before the festivities can get your body better able to handle some of the more “toxic options” that may come later. This can also help you indulge less because you will feel full sooner. We don’t want to have to re-learn what it feels like to have alcohol on an empty stomach!(the hydration beforehand can also do wonders to prevent the dehydration pains the day after:-) Start out the party with the veggies and if you are drinking stay away from soda/mixed drinks unless that is the only style you like. Soda or diet soda is one of the more toxic options out there. Be careful not to be a mindless eater. If you know you love chicken wings go for it don’t avoid them and then let it drive you crazy and then over do it. Choose a normal amount of the things you know you like. I have found myself eating things that are not very healthy and that I don’t really care for all that much just because hey, it’s the holidays! If you don’t care for it then why eat it.

Tip #3
Don’t give in to Peer pressure!

No matter what age, we all deal with it. We don’t need to obsess too much about this but be mindful of what you are putting in your body. Remind yourself of what you truly want to indulge in. Getting wrapped up in the action can happen quick and this can lead to the guilt and frustration afterwards. Take some time before a function to make some choices so you  know what you are up against. Sure there will often be unforeseen situations like the last minute release of new desserts or a drinking game but we can indulge with a presence of mind to do this within reason. Practice your commitment to yourself and goals. This will allow some fun but with a grasp on what is truly important, like the relationships with the people you are with. Whether your challenge is more with relationships with food or people, either way they deserve attention to make them better.

These tips should help you get your holiday season of to a better start and get into your celebration with fun reasonable indulging without the downward spiral of poor choices and energy from too many unhealthy calories. At the same time, this can allow you to be sensible and have some fun! Happy and healthy holidays!

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